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Centurylink DSL 1.5M
  • 1 CenturyLink DSL

  • 6 Email

  • 5 Alias

1.5 Mbps
(896 Kbps up)

  • Web Based Email Access

  • 6 Email Accounts (POP3) & 5 Email Aliases

  • Online Account Management

  • Online Payments, Credit Card Auto-Pay Available

  • 24x7 Live Technical Support & Customer Service

  • No Commercial Advertising

  • Modem Options: (our modems are preconfigured for your convenience)

  • $54.95 Actiontec GT701 modem purchase (or $7.99 per month rental)

  • $9.99 shipping/handling

  • Standalone circuits are available for subscribers who do not have a land-line or Qwest phone service. The minimum speed for a standalone circuit is 1.5mbit and Qwest charges an additional $5/mo on top of the listed pricing. Standalone circuits also have a $9.99 setup cost from Qwest.

    Promotions may change with little notice and apply after first full month of billing.
    Instant Rebate will be applied to invoice at time of signup.
    For residential use only. Service not available in all areas.
    Requires compatible DSL modem. Actual DSL speed varies
    depending on a variety of factors.